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Eco-research volunteer opportunity in turtle & cetacean conservation project in Berau

Volunteer experience of Jacquelin 'Joko' in Sangkuliman village

Mahakam Dolphin Trip with latest info for increased dolphin encounters!


Coastal Awareness Campaigns 2009

Coastal environmental campaigns were held in Derawan, Maratua, Tanjung Batu (Berau district) as well as in villages, cities surrounding Balikpapan Bay and coastal communities near Bontang and Mahakam Delta. Posters informing about marine mammals, strandings and rescues and conservation were handed to all areas mentioned earlier as well as data collected from fishermen. Campaigns were also held at elementary and high schools dealing with marine mammals, protection of coastal habitat, mangroves and natural resources.


Awareness and Education in East Kutai District 2011

In October 2011, 4 senior high schools, 4 junior high schools and one elementary school was visited and one island for the awareness campaign in Bontang district. Presentations on coastal habitats including mangroves, coral reefs, wildlife species and on cetaceans were presented. During the presentations quiz questions were asked and rewarded by pins and a final short essay contest with questions was conducted at the junior and senior high school, whereas at the elementary school a drawing competition was made. All winners received t-shirts, pins and booklets on cetaceans. Four winners and their teachers of the senior high schools essay contest were invited to join a one day survey trip in the vicinity of Bontang waters and two cetacean sightings were made: firstly of dwarf spinner dolphins and secondly of a group of false killer whales. This was for all students their first direct experience of observing marine mammals and they were very positively impressed and surprised as they did not expect to find these mammals so close to their city. There was a great response and enthusiasm during the campaign and the schools hope that these kinds of campaigns may be performed more often in the future

To raise community awareness in addition three islands and 18 fishermen kampongs were visited in 2011-2012. The team was received by the official representative of each kampong, which called for senior fishermen or heads of fishermen groups to gather. During the gathering, information was provided on protective status of marine mammals and information obtained on the presence and threats of locally occurring cetaceans. Posters were distributed in each kampong, schools, fishery department, education department, environmental department.



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