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Living Lakes Network

Living Lakes is an international network and partnership for enhancing the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of lakes and their catchment areas, wetlands and freshwater of the world..



Save the lakes, wetlands and freshwater of the world.



  • Lakes should be alive and available for the sustainable use of human kind

  • The conservation of the biodiversity and the preservation of fresh water resources, lakes and wetland ecosystems

  • The restoration of altered and disappearing wetlands and lake ecosystems

  • The improvement of the quality of life for the local communities (Agenda 21)

  • The commitment towards a sustainable use and development (for example agriculture, fishery, tourism, settlement, water use) of these ecosystems

  • The promotion of applied sciences and technologies towards the conservation of these ecosystems

  • Active support of educational programs and co operation with local communities towards the conservation of the biodiversity of these ecosystems

  • The dissemination of all information relevant to these ecosystems.

Since 2004, the Conservation Foundation for Rare Aquatic Species of Indonesia (YK-RASI) has become an active member and local partner organization of the Living Lakes and has implemented conservation activities in 2005, 2006, 2007 related to sustainable management of the Mahakam Lakes sponsored by Global Nature Fund (GNF). GNF represents the organization, which coordinates all the Living Lakes partnerships in the world.


Since 2005-2010, Yayasan Konservasi RASI has sent delegates to 4 international conferences and one workshop, all from Living Lakes. During the 10th conference, which took place in 2005 in Laguna de Bay, Philippines, a general introduction was presented on the condition of the Mahakam Lakes, whereas during the 11th Conference in China (Poyang lake) in 2006, a workshop was moderated by RASI on sustainable aqua-culture fisheries. The workshop in Balaton Lake in 2006 focused on promoting sustainable ecotourism. The 12th conference took place in 2008 in Lake Trasimeno, Italy where Mahakam dolphin conservation and forest rehabilitation of Jempang Lake catchment was discussed. The thirteenth conference took place in 2010 in Lake Chapala, Mexico and RASI presented its results in sustainable fisheries and progress on freshwater dolphin conservation.


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