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RASI Director Budiono wins Whitley Award 2012

Sangkuliman becomes ecotourism destination village for Pesut Mahakam

RASI wins Van Bree VTS Award in honour of the late Dr PJH Van Bree

Volunteer experience of Jacquelin 'Joko' in Sangkuliman village

Mahakam Dolphin Tour with latest info for increased dolphin encounters!


Biodiversity Assessment Survey

The first biodiversity assessment survey was conducted in November 2001 in order to assess the status of the charismatic Lesser Adjutant bird species (Leptoptilus javanicus) and the Siamese Crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) and results showed a still significant presence of the first but a declining presence of the second species. Between 2005-2007, four biodiversity surveys were conducted in the Middle Mahakam Lakes and Wetlands Area focusing on bird diversity. In this area at least 298 bird species have been identified by several researchers including RASI surveys. In 2007, an assessment was made of the number of species and individuals that is caught yearly by local residents for different purposes. To prevent further catches, RASI has prepared posters with protected species that was distributed at all schools and in all kampungs/ villages.

(Technical Report ..... pdf 453kb)


Pesut Mahakam Eco-Tourism

Sustainable ecotourism activities are being developed in the village of Sangkuliman along the Pela River, which represents a daily migration for the pesut. In this village sustainable forms of aqua-culture are being implemented and awareness raising activities are currently focusing on proper waste disposal, plastic recycling and handycrafts, together with basic English conversation by native English Speakers. Sangkuliman now also has a homestay where tourist can feel part of daily life of this fishing village. An environmental education center is in progress. Between 25-26 May 2013, 22 participants from travel agencies, tourism department and motorists joined the socialization and training event in Sangkuliman and learn about the Pesut, their habitat and how to detect and approach pesut and other wildlife without disturbing them (more information of Pesut ecotourism...)


Establishment of Protected Areas for the Pesut Mahakam

After identification of dolphin core areas in the Mahakam, a series of interview surveys, village and district meetings were organized in Central Kutai District since 2008 to socialize and obtain community and government agreement for establishment. The interviews indicated that the community is much in favour of habitat protection (both for dolphins and fish resources),  but they also underline the importance for a greater commitment by the government to monitor and enforce laws to guarantee sustainable resource use. The last multiple stakeholder meeting was hold in Tenggarong and aprincipal agreement was obtained for area protection. Next steps involves mapping the exact boundaries including fish spawning swamps for each of the 11 villages inside the protected area after which the protected area will be issued at district level. The district government of Central Kutai awarded RASI on 8 January 2013 for their conservation efforts for the Pesut Mahakam



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