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RASI Director Budiono wins Whitley Award 2012

Sangkuliman becomes ecotourism destination village for Pesut Mahakam

RASI wins Van Bree VTS Award in honour of the late Dr PJH Van Bree

Volunteer experience of Jacquelin 'Joko' in Sangkuliman village

Mahakam Dolphin Tour with latest info for increased dolphin encounters!


Environmental Awareness Campaign

RASI has conducted environmental campaigns at both elementary and high schools several times since its establishment. Again, in 2008 campaigns were organized with the theme “Care for the environment for now and later” at 25 junior and senior high schools in the West and Central Kutai district. After the campaigns, a poster drawing and essay competition was organized focusing on the conservation of the pesut and its habitat. The winners obtained prices in the form of a certificate, price money and books. Elementary school campaign was conducted in January 2011 and received much enthusiasm during the theatrical and singing part of the campaign.


(Technical Report ....... pdf 545kb)


 Environmental Education Course Module

In collaboration with the 25 junior-and senior high schools, environmental education course were developed with a focus on global and local environmental issues/ problems, species conservation, sustainable and alternative resource use.  Books were printed and each school obtained 50 books, which is property of the school and used during the course. In addition, practica material such as a pair of binoculars, bird, mammal and reptile identification guides, secci disks, macroinvertebrate sampling nets, pH papers, loupes were provided to each school to complete the course. Already one school included the course in its curriculum and the other schools will start out as extra-curricular course.


In 2013 a second edition of the books have been produced to meet the growing demand of schools that wish to inlude the books in their curriculum or as extra curricular. With two schools a film of daily student/ village life was developed for exchange with the Constantin-Vanotti-Schule in Uberlingen, Germany, who also produced a film, website and many education and practica material. RASI staff with facilitation of Global Nature fund visited the school in 2008 and set up an exchange project with the Mahakam schools.



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